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Margy Jackson Radio Show - Wellness Conv
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Margy Jackson Wellness Conversations InterviewMargy Jackson
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Margy and I are lifelong friends. Our parents, along with Margy's Grandparents were long time friends with an extremely close bond forged by their connection to Scotland. 

Many a childhood day was spent with the Jackson family. We went to Secondary School together where my memories are of us going up against each other in a Year 9 Public Speaking competition, and then playing the leads in Romeo and Juliet in Year 10. We lost contact for a few years when I moved interstate for work, but I’m pleased to say we have reconnected in the past few years. I’m aware first hand of Margy’s story, and as her friend I’m proud that she has the courage to make her story public. I’m glad Margy has been able to turn her life around, and I hope her story can help others. I look forward to reading “I Am Enough”

-- Duncan Potts, Regional Manager at Triple M, NSW

Margy Jackson’s voice in her beautiful memoir is the perfect mix of honesty, vulnerability, wisdom, warmth, and power. Anyone seeking courage and hope to inspire them on their own journey will find it in I Am Enough.

-- Annie Grace, author of This Naked Mind and The Alcohol Experiment

This book is a great insight of the journey of one young woman from the southwest of Victoria into the mist of alcohol dependence and all the troubles that come along with that descent but more importantly, provides a story of hope that change is not only possible but is better than one can imagine for themselves. When one is looking through the mist of alcohol it’s hard to really believe change is possible.

Whilst it is one woman the elements of the story resonate with many women who have struggled with dependence on this drug called alcohol. I have worked in this sector for many years and whilst no two experiences are the same there are similarities that will resonate with people and importantly it also provides a vision of hope. Issues such as “trying to fit in” “rebellion against parents or authority” “experience of trauma” “need to self-medicate away emotions yet only to find they come back worse and stronger the next day” and the years of torment that this thinly disguised ‘friend’ called alcohol provides. I am so glad to have met the author and to see how she has been able to take charge and see for herself the need to change and more importantly the wonders a life free from alcohol can provide. Recovery is not just about stopping the substance of dependence, it’s about building a life where alcohol no longer fits in. I hope you all who read this book find some inspiration and wisdom from Margy’s personal story.

-- Mark Powell, Operations Manager WRAD (Western Region Alcohol and Drug Centre)

Frequently whilst trying to help control depressive & anxiety symptoms, we see a reliance on alcohol presenting as a coping mechanism for underlying past traumas. This book shows, no matter where we are on life’s journey, there is always hope & the time for positive change.

-- Clare Mooney, MBChb. DRCOG.

A bravely honest and moving memoir that will transform lives.

-- Clare Pooley, author of The Sober Diaries  

Congratulations Margy!

One courageous woman standing up to tell her story to the world will create global ripples, empowering others to do the same and join #ENOUGH.

This story will set off lightbulbs for all of us struggling to make sense of not who we are but WHY we are.

-- Dr Vicki Gardner, B.APP.SCI )CHIRO), Certified NeuroEmotional Practitioner

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